Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sitting, waiting, and more waiting

I love flying. In some ways. I love the Biscoff cookies you get on the flight, and my traditional Bloody Mary mix, which I feel helps re-saltify my body after taxing flying (this is probably the exact inverse logic, since flying apparently dehydrates you, but it tastes good).
And the service is certainly nice. Since we're flying in style (mom's necessity on long flights), we had access to the Delta Sky Club lounge. It's pretty swanky with marble tables and TVs and food. With Nutella. I have to say, something about eating nutella out of the little plastic serving packets makes it even more delicious and rich than out of a jar. They also had an olive bar, delicious hummus (from Jordan?), and an open bar. So about a gin and tonic and a glass of Chianti in, dad decides it would be fun to have a drunken Sudoku contest. It's not really drunken, but it's all about the name, right? I trounced him, of course, and it's just like the days of Set. Set's a card game where the cards all have different attributes. There are 3 colors, 3 patterns, 3 shapes, and there can be from 1 to 3 of each shape on the card. The point is to match cards with completely different or the same attributes (i.e. all red, the same shape, different numbers, and the same pattern). It's a little difficult to grasp, but somehow, at 12 years old, I destroyed my older relatives, which is a little difficult to swallow. But we broke it out around Christmas time, and I was again master of destruction. I guess it's pattern recognition.
Anyways, we're now in the International terminal, with planes from all different countries and airlines written in different languages all around. And we're delayed again. The good part is that since our flight is overnight, it doesn't really matter too much if we get in an hour or two later. We just have to go to the hotel when we get in around 8 am anyways and then we have the rest of the day to explore Madrid since we leave the next morning for Granada. I'm hoping the weather stays beautiful over there since there's a strong chance of showers in Granada. Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing the swan paddle boats in Parque Retiro in action!

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