Sunday, July 4, 2010

Back in Valencia

Certainly 5 pm is rather late to leave the hotel, but it IS a Sunday, and I think we should get a break for that. One thing about being in Europe is that the World Cup is EXTREMELY important here. They have entire papers dedicated just to futbol (soccer). Spain is playing Germany on the 7th, and although Germany trumped Argentina 4-0 (which is sad for Messi and the Argentenian coach), and Spain only won 1-0 against Paraguay in an unimpressive game, they might have a chance since Germany's Muller is suspended from the match for getting a yellow card against Argentina. And if we'd left the hotel at 10 am I wouldn't know any of this. I'm still searching around for my jersey, but since we didn't really explore too much, I'm still holding out hope that the right one is out there for me. I just have to buy it before Spain and Germany play, because it would be silly to get a jersey after that team loses, right?
We headed over to the Cathedral of Valencia only to find out that the HOLY GRAIL - that's right, the only grail recognized by the Catholic church and one that has been used by various popes as their official chalice, and that can trace its roots back to the right place at the right time - the holy grail was closed for the night and we had to come back tomorrow morning. We did still manage to climb the Miguelete, the tower attached to the Cathedral which has a gorgeous, expansive view of the entire city. And then we spent 2 hours looking for dinner. In the end, La Vita e Bella turned out to be more than an Italian restaurant with chocolate crepes as well as delicious and traditional caprese salad.
We did explore Plaza de la Reina, Plaza de la Virgen, and Caballeros, but we didn't yet make it over to Facultats where i studied and lived. Tomorrow should be a fun day of old areas I know well, the Ciudad de Artes y Sciencias, which is fun, different architecture, and shopping at this little store mom and I fell in love with from the closed shop window and vowed to visit tomorrow.

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