Thursday, July 1, 2010

Getting There

I had the most amazing flight of my life last night. I consider myself a pretty good sleeper. I can usually just curl up into a ball in the smallest of airplane seats. But the direct JFK to Madrid, Business Class has seats that go completely flat. I was dubious of the flatness, but it was actually horizontal all the way through. That combined with the four course delicious dinner, the free wine and champagne, and the individual side table and TV screen made it a thoroughly enjoyable flight. I woke this morning well rested and completely shocked by the luggage of the people disembarking. I don't know if anyone else has ever seen a Vintage Gucci man's briefcase, but it's a pretty impressive sight. When we got to the luggage carousel, I saw bag after bag of Louis Vuitton. I was having visions of all the ridiculously rich people on the flight, until I saw that about a dozen Vuitton bags were for this one old man. I have to say, he had some beautiful luggage, and it looked well loved and still in excellent condition.
Now the drive to the hotel was very interesting. Maybe mom's right that we should have taken a taxi and rented the car tomorrow when we are on our way to Granada, because the drive here was definitely harrowing. I'm glad we had her Blackberry GPS, because the streets are pretty confusing, even with directions. We managed to make it to the hotel, though, and the beautiful lobby was impressive.
Apparently "cot" is very similar to the Spanish word for "crib", because even though I specifically talked to someone about having an extra bed here in Madrid, we walked in the room to find.....a crib! Of course, that's super useful for an adult. And not in the least exasperating or hilarious.

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