Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spain WON!

First off, the important stuff - Spain won the semi-finals against Germany! All bets were against them, but I guess Paul the Psychic Octopus was right again! He apparently has a perfect record. Does this news make it to the states, or is it a Europe thing? It's all over the TVs here, strangely enough. The great thing about being in Europe during the world cup - when someone wins, the streets fill with cars racing by, flying flags out the windows, screaming and honking car horns to share their mirth. They really do know how to celebrate here, wholeheartedly and sharing it with everyone around. Except the large population of Germany supporters in Montreux. There were large quiet areas along the waterfront, disappointed fans one can assume.

The spa at the palace here is pretty typical - whirlpool, sauna, steam room. But the real treat is the outdoor grassy area. Meant for tanning and lounging about, when the tents of Jazz Festival aren't there, you would have only a wrought iron fence and five feet separating loungers from the icy blue waters.
We went to see Regina Spektor tonight, at the jazz fest. She was the opener and I was psyched to see her in concert. Unfortunately, she must have just found out someone passed away, because she kept thanking the audience for helping her with his passing, and cried throughout. At one point she said how much he was looking forward to playing the festival, and broke down. It was heart wrenching, but sad as a performance.
Between sets, I wandered down to the waterfront where a long line of tents offers food, jewelry, dancing, and gorgeous views of the watery sunset from simple wooden tables. I watched the match for a few minutes, but the night was so inviting, we had to head down the tents and explore the wares. After a delicious chai tea and a beautiful 620CHF carnelian necklace I have to avoid we headed back for some more music. Ben Harper & Relentless 7 - the main group - was very fun. He had some nice upbeat songs, and a beautiful voice for the slower songs. In all, it was a great performance, and I walked out of it with some fun purple jazz festival sunglasses.
Even then, hours after the end of the match, Spain supporters were still beeping down the street, and men at the outside restaurant of our hotel were still openly celebrating with food and drink. This is Spain's first time in the final. ever. Which is both surprising and exciting. I can't wait for the final. I will definitely be wearing my jersey. Even the man who sold it to me said it was a good idea to get it before they played Germany because they would be eliminated. Anyone know any good sports bars in the Swiss Alps?

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