Saturday, July 31, 2010

What's travelling, really?

So, i started this blog as a travel blog. And I was feeling that I shouldn't write in it when I'm at home, because that would violate some sort of internal agreement, which is that this is for traveling. But I've been thinking recently. Thinking about how this isn't really home for me. This is home. It's always been my home. But as a recent college graduate living with my parents, I need to separate this place from the security I've had these past 21 years. If I'm going to move on, which seems to be a problem right now, I need to stop thinking of this as my home. I'm simply traveling again. I hope I do find a home, and this will probably be my base for a while, but it's time for me to start base jumping. I can leap out, and leave my knicknacks and all this stuff I have accumulated which really means nothing behind. And leap.
Which reminds me of my current song obsession. It reminds me of leaping because it was featured in a recent TV show in a skydiving sequence. It's time to get busy actively searching out what I want to do. No more listlessly thinking I could be a photographer or jewelry maker while in actuality simply watching every video in the entirety of hulu and DVR. Time to travel

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  1. I like the song :)

    Yeah, it's a weird feeling being finished w/ school. It's so weird to visit Fiza and see her on her own and then come home to the basement lol. It's def. a time for personal growth and reflection!

    Miss you, Trishums