Sunday, October 10, 2010

Random Thoughts for a Sunday night

Random habits:

Taking not-hot showers. Phrasing is very specific there since "cold showers" tend to be associated with something different...I've simply decided to take colder showers. I've been starting the water warmish and lowering it throughout the shower. After accidentally taking a shower just before working outside for 2 hours at getting leaves in my hair, I took another shower and decided to save my skin some moisture by taking a less-heat-drying shower in slightly chillier water. I don't dislike the colder water and my skin's feeling great and I'm sure it saves energy heating water, which is always nice.

Reading voraciously. Anything lying about. Since my parents are pack-rats who have a very strange and varied book collection, it's hard to stay away. Who can avoid classics such as "UFO: The Complete Sightings" and "The Herbal Companion: The Essential Guide to Using Herbs for Your Health and Well-Being", not forgetting the ever popular reproduction of Carl Jung's Red Book with the a copy of the original German book page-by-page in a convenient 18" x 24" hardcover. Also, since I love the movie The Count of Monte Cristo I decided to start reading the book in the Penguin Classics version translated by Robin Bass. Since everything is in English these days, we tend to forget the importance the translator has in a novel, and I sampled a few before deciding on this version. Amazon's option to "Look Inside" and read the first few pages was very useful for this.

Other hobbies - figuring out where to meet cute children who like science more than me. Seriously, I'm jealous of this kid who knows more about the solar system than I do, and that's from someone who recognized Saturn and it's 4 moons through a very low-powered telescope. All I need know is an impressionable young mind to mold, and mauahahahaha.